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The Training Bundle -(Saving 2 Credits)

3 Credits - 6 Credits

Format: Canva (+1 Credit) or PDF (Free)

Free Editable File: No

What’s Included?
This bundle is designed to give you all the training programmes to suit clients who train between 3 and 5 days per weeks

You will receive:

  • Female Focused Fullbody Workout Guide
  • Male Focused Fullbody Workout Guide
  • 4 Day Split Training Guide
  • 5 Day Split Training Guide

You will receive this bundle in your own brand colours, logo and Instagram handle. We will take all your brand preferences from your profile, ensuring that your branded material is engaging and consistent.

We aim to have your new bundle ready within 3 working days, but we will always try to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to deliver them sooner. Once you have your new bundle, all you need to do is post and caption how you see fit!

All assets created by Graph.Fit cover full commercial image licensing, although you are not permitted to reproduce or copy any of our material. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.


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